Tsum Tsum: Splash

Help Mikey Mouse, Woody, and others quench their thirst in the Tsum Tsum Splash game. Get past every obstacle to deliver refreshing water to the heroes.

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About Tsum Tsum: Splash Game

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Loads of iconic characters gathered in the Tsum Tsum Splash game. You will meet stars from memorable movies like Toy Story, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and many others in the form of cute Tsum Tsum figurines. However, all these heroes and princesses need your help with an urgent matter. They all are thirsty, and you have to give them a hand to keep them all hydrated.

Ariel, Jasmine, and Buzz Lightyear will not make this task easy for you. They all hide under some planks, and your goal is to find ways to guide the water to them. Do you think you can manage this task and quench their thirst?

How to Play

Some refreshing water will drop whenever you need it, and you should only use your mouse to guide it to the characters. At the same time, you need to pay attention to the obstacles in your way. For example, some planks will move up and down or left to right, and you will have to wait for the perfect moment to get past them. On the other hand, some might be useful because you can use them to transport water to some hard-to-reach places.

There will be three stages to complete with different themes:

 - Toy Story;

 - Disney Princesses;

 - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse;

Each has six levels that will gradually increase in difficulty. However, a pro tip would be to look around your surroundings and search for the best path! Most of the time, you will have to hydrate more than one person, and you can check how much water you have left to deliver by looking at their liquid meter. 

Besides taking the water to the characters, you should grab all the happy water drops wandering around the place. Also, there is a time goal of thirty seconds you should beat to achieve three stars for every level. Once you get at least eight stars per stage, you can unlock cute printables featuring your favorite characters to color at home.

Are you ready to deliver everyone's refreshing water? If so, let's meet all the heroes and princesses in their Tsum Tsum form and get started!