Super Sneak

Try the Super Sneak game to help Amy get through a school day and keep her identity a secret. Can you complete this stealth mission without being seen?

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About Super Sneak Game

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Amy needs to go through another day at school and make sure no one will discover her secret identity in The Villains of Valley View: Super Sneak game! However, her friend, Hartley, is here to help, but she always needs you to make sure the job is a success! Will you keep her secret safe?

Your job is to be as sneaky as possible and help Amy keep out of everyone's sight! Of course, you will need to move as swiftly as a cat, and not everyone can be this discreet. Are you ready for your stealth mission? Then let's hurry and get started!

How to Play

Because being sneaky is a tough job, the controls will not be a problem! The only thing you have to do is to use your mouse to Click and move around the school! Pretty simple, right? Well, it can get complicated quickly, so pay attention to your surroundings and make sure no student will spot you!

Your job is to Help Amy clear every objective of the stages! For example, Vic left his Tech devices out, and you should hide each one. Also, try to throw away all the Starling posters around the school and so on! The only thing to remember is to complete every action without being seen!

You can see the student's field of view while going around the hallways, so you best plan your move to avoid them. Also, Amy has a suspicion meter that fills up if someone sees her in action. You must keep it as low as possible because everyone will know her secret if it fills up!

What else you should know

For every sticky situation, the family will have Amy's back! Call one of the members if you want to switch the attention to them or if something is in your way!

Also, if you need to grab objects from high places, Amy's power is the perfect way to do it! However, if the students find out, so does Onyx!

Are you ready to start the action and see if you can keep Amy's secret identity safe? With a bit of patience and attention, there is nothing that can stand in your way!