First Responder Relay

Help extinguish the fires in the Planes Fire & Rescue: First Responder Relay game! Lead the team towards the action and make the national park safe again!

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Another wildfire has broken out in the Planes Fire & Rescue: First Responder Relay game! Now Dusty and the veteran Piston Peak Air Attack team have to save the day once again. It's time to fly up in the air and help your friends put out the fires! Can you complete the mission on time?

Get ready to secure the perimeter! Your task is to lead the team to the heart of the trouble and extinguish the fires before it's too late. Pay attention to the danger areas and dispatch each member of your team where he is needed! Just keep in mind to watch your air space, or it can become too crowded!

How to Play

Before you begin your mission, you should understand the controls. To guide each plane towards action, you have to use your mouse. Just click on the characters, then draw a path towards the highlighted areas. They will follow your route and get to work on their tasks within seconds! 

Today's challenge is even more difficult because you have to overcome 10 stages to succeed. For the first level, your task is to secure the Air Attack Base. After that, you can guide your team through the Piston Peak National Park. Can you make your way through the entire area and put out all the fires?

This is a fast-paced adventure, so you have to act fast! Watch the wildfire gauge on top of the screen because that will be your timer. If it fills up entirely before the mission is finished, you will have to restart your mission. Just pay attention to the screen and try to match the team members to the correct colors!

Watch your air space, or the planes will keep crashing into each other! Draw a path for each hero to follow, and don't let them intersect. If you take too long to respond to each call, the wildfire can spread through the park. Avoid collisions at all costs, or you can waste precious time before your friends return to action!

Are you ready for takeoff? It's time to help the Piston Peak Air Attack team with its' rescue mission. Will you be able to stop the fires from spreading?