Beach Bop Adventure

Show off your dance moves in the Teen Beach 2: Beach Bop Adventure game! Start a flashmob, spread the good vibes, and add more dancers to your group!

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About Beach Bop Adventure Game

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Are you ready to go to the beach? Join the funny gang and break into song and dance in the Teen Beach 2: Beach Bop Adventure game! Lela, Tanner, Mack, and Brady are about to create the greatest flashmob the city has seen! Will you learn the dance and join in for some fun? 

Get rid of all your boredom in this funky adventure! Choose your favorite character, and show off your skills. Each of the 4 teenagers has a special ability, which will help you earn a high score. Add as many people as possible to your mob, and collect some positive vibes!

How to Play

Prepare to break into song and have some fun at the beach! Luckily, you don't need to be a great dancer, because all you need is your mouse! Follow the steps and swipe in the right direction to show off your moves. Add more kids to your group and fill the place with good vibes! 

Lela, Tanner, Mack, and Brady have prepared four stages for you to try. Travel to different locations throughout the city, make some new friends, and spread positivity! Are there any bored faces around? Well then, it's time for some groovy tunes!

Use your mouse and keep moving forward by clicking on the ground. Get closer to any kids you see and perform your funky dance moves! If they're impressed with you, they will join your mob and share the good vibes. Of course, some people will still spread negativity, but you can shake them off by tapping on them.

As you progress, the choreography will become increasingly more difficult. Because of this, you have to stay focused and pay attention to your moves. Your score will grow with each correct dance, but you can lose all your progress if you're not careful. Will you be able to reach the final stage?

The characters of Teen Beach are waiting for you to join in! Show off your groovy dance moves and spread some positive vibes together!