Snail Bob 8: Island Story

With the Snail Bob 8: Island Story game, you can join our hero for his most exotic adventure yet! Can he survive when faced with the dangers of the jungle?

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About Snail Bob 8: Island Story Game

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You mustn't miss the Snail Bob 8: Island Story game if you are a fan of puzzles with a taste for quirky adventures! It's a real pleasure to take on Bob's role, a brave snail whose hobby is to head out on epic voyages. However, most of the time, these trips are accidental. Can you help this unlikely hero get past his physical disadvantages? His only chance to survive is to use his intelligence. Can you help him out?

What makes this installment of this series unique is the breath-taking setting. While our hero was fishing with his grandfather, Bob has drifted away and has wound up on a secluded island. Get him home!

How to Play

Can you complete all the 30 levels successfully? Be warned: you will come across new devices and some very cunning foes! Naturally, we're talking about the tribe that lives on the island. Aren't you excited to explore the ruins and find out what this mysterious location has in store for you?

When it comes to controls, things couldn't be easier! Your mouse is the only tool you'll need to move Bob and interact with any object or device within a level. For instance, you should click once to get Bob started, then click again to stop him. Moreover, the two buttons at the top right corner of the screen allow you to turn your protagonist or speed him up. As you can see, this game test your intelligence as well as your coordination!

Do you want to know the secret to success? Use every resource around you to your advantage. Take a little while to understand how everything works, then think of how you can make use of all the elements in the scene. 

There's more you should know!

Get ready to dive inside a fascinating world, where traps and dangers lurk in every corner! However, there are also treasures for you to discover. Can you find all of the three golden stars in each stage of the game? To succeed, make sure you explore every corner and leave no stone unturned. Can you gather all of the 90 stars?

One of the most interesting features of this game is the fact that you can use many interesting in-game mechanics. For instance, your adorable ant friend will help Bob reach specific locations and even push some buttons. Isn't that cool?

Prepare yourself for a unique puzzle that will put your reflexes, wits, and adaptability to the test! We're sure that you'll have a blast joined by the awesome protagonist, especially in this fascinating tropical setting!

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