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Dive into the Avatar High game, where YOU run a magical school! Ready to shape adventures, form friendships and create unforgettable memories?

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Welcome to the colorful world of Avatar High! This is quite a popular game that used to be featured on the former website. Its main idea is you can run your very own virtual high school and help eight special students have the best school life.

Just imagine: you have your very own school where students paint in the art room, shoot hoops in the gym, study in the library, and enjoy tasty lunches in the cafeteria. Your job? To make sure every student is happy and learning.

In this magical school, students don't just sit in a classroom all day. They move around, chat with friends, play sports, paint, and even study on their own. The coolest part? You get to decide what they do and where they go. Plus, you get to peek into their secret journals to know how they feel.

How to Play

Before you dive in, let's get familiar with the controls. Look out for arrows and a mini-map in the top-right corner. They help you see every corner of the school. Red dots on the map? Those are your students! Want to know more about them? Click on them, and a special menu will pop up, giving you options on what to do next.

As you start, you'll see your school has four main rooms:

- The Art Room: This is where students can paint lovely pictures and boost their creativity.

- The Gym: Here, students can play basketball and become sports stars.

- The Library: A quiet place for students to study and get smarter.

- The Cafeteria: A place where everyone gathers once a day for a yummy lunch. And guess what? Lunchtime is a must!

The fun part is seeing how each student is different. Some students might love painting, while others love playing basketball or chatting with friends. And just like in real life, they all have things they enjoy and things that might make them a little sad. Your goal is to discover what makes them happy and help them do more of it.

The best part? There's no right or wrong way to play. But the happier your students are, the more points you earn! Sometimes, special events like the big basketball game, a fancy art show, or even the school prom will happen. These are exciting times, and how you handle them can earn you extra points.

What else you should know

Always keep an eye on students' moods. If they're sad, peek into their journals to understand why and try to help.

Balance is key. Make sure students study, play, and also make friends.

Friends matter a lot here. So, ensure that students talk to each other. And guess what? Some might even start dating!

Special items like sneakers, laptops, and cell phones can give your students a little boost in different areas. Choose wisely!

So, are you ready to jump in and make some school memories? Every day brings new adventures, fun moments, and maybe a few challenges. But with you in charge, Avatar High is bound to be the happiest school ever! Let the fun begin!

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