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🎓 Play the Avatar University game to design unique adventures for your students! From quirky outfits to campus fun, create endless magical stories!

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Do you remember the fun and excitement of Avatar High on website? Well, the adventure didn't stop there! Welcome to the Avatar University game, the sequel that brings even more imagination, fun, and endless stories. This time, it's bigger, better, and bursting with even more vibrant life as you step into the magical world of a bustling virtual university.

As the guardian of this university, you weave the tale of every student, deciding whether they study beneath the twinkling stars, strum guitars, throw unforgettable parties, or find their heart's desire. The beauty of Avatar University is that there are no boundaries; every choice crafts a new chapter in your unique storybook.

How to Play

Let's begin by making each student special! For instance, you can dress them up in the Dressing Room. Here, you can change their face, hair, and even the color of their skin. And the best part? You get to pick their outfits! Click on clothes to see how they look on them.

Once you've decided on their look, you can also choose what they like and don't like in their Personality Profile. Maybe they like parties, or perhaps they enjoy studying more. This will help them find friends and activities they love.

Exploring the University

Your university is huge, and there's so much happening! Using the campus map, you can see where everyone is and all the fun places the students can visit:

- The Quad is where students play disc to get fit.
- The Library is perfect for those who want to read and study.
- The Science Center is for the curious ones who love experiments.
- At the Campus Center, some students like to hold big signs and tell others about things they care about.
- The Dorm is where everyone goes to have a good night's sleep or chat with friends.
- Hungry? The Cafe is where they grab a yummy bite.
- The Music Center is for those who want to play the guitar and make lovely tunes.
- And the Frat? Oh! That's the party place.

You can click on any student to see what they're up to. When you choose a student, you'll see a yellow circle around their feet. That means you're in charge of them! You can tell your chosen student where to go and who to chat with by clicking on different spots or other students.

Skills and Activities:
Every student has skills like Academics, Fitness, Music, Party, Protest, Social, and Flirt. They get better at these skills depending on where they go and what they do.

If you see a student practicing guitar in the Music Center, they're improving their Music skill! And if they're having fun conversations, their Social skill gets better. Sometimes, they'll do things together, and if they enjoy the same things, they might become fast friends!

There's more you should know!

Around the school, some special characters will give tasks to the students. By completing these tasks, your students can earn rewards to make them even better at their skills. Some rewards might even add fun items to the school!

Students love to chat! By watching their speech bubbles, you can see what they're talking about and how they feel. If they have the same likes and dislikes, they might become besties or even start dating! But remember, relationships can sometimes be tricky, so keep an eye out for any ups and downs.

Students get happy, sad, tired, and have a lot of other feelings. Make sure they get enough sleep in the Dorm, and keep an eye on their profiles to see how they're feeling. If they're sad or lonely, maybe they need a new friend or a fun activity.

At Avatar University, every day is a unique story crafted by you. With so many places to explore, activities to enjoy, and friendships to make, the fun never stops. Let your imagination run wild, and have fun guiding your students through their university journey!

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