Bunsen is a Beast: Arm-A-Gettin'

Help the beast recover his arms and get to school in the Bunsen is a Beast: Arm-A-Gettin'! Move around and collect the items before time runs out!

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About Bunsen is a Beast: Arm-A-Gettin' Game

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The fluffy beast must recover his arms before school starts in the Bunsen is a Beast: Arm-A-Gettin' game! While getting ready for class, Bunsen's arms started twitching and detached from his body. Now they're running around the mansion, and he needs to collect them all, or he'll be late for school! Will you join him in his search?

Your job in this game is to help Bunsen search and gather his arms while avoiding the dangerous monsters all around! You can't be late for the first class, so try to complete the task as quickly as possible!

How to Play

To control the friendly beast, use your keyboard. With the help of the arrow keys, Bunsen can move around the mansion and recover his limbs and school items. Even if the house is big and intimidating, try not to leave any unexplored corners, or you might miss out on things!

While searching for the restless arms, try avoiding the creatures that roam the hallways, the angry clouds, and piles of bubblegum, or you will lose a life. You only have three, so hold onto them, or it will be game over.

Bunsen doesn't like being late for school, so you only have five minutes to recover all the items and arms. If you run out of time, restart the level and try again.

The house has a lot of secrets, so look around for keys and lock buttons. They'll unlock new areas where you might find unique monsters and school items you might be looking for!

Are you ready to join Bunsen in this timed mission and help him get to school? You'll recover the fluffy beast's arms in no time!