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Play the Snail Bob 1 game if you are looking forward to a remarkable adventure that will test your intelligence! Can you help our hero find a new home?

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With the Snail Bob 1 game, you have the chance to set out on a journey that will change the way you see snails forever! Have you met Bob? He is a peaceful and unremarkable slug. However, he has found himself in a tough situation. Can you believe that his house has been demolished? 

Your mission is to take on the role of the modest protagonist, Snail Bob. Naturally, he is a slow and frail creature, vulnerable to many threats around him. Can you imagine how he will fare on a construction site filled with perils? It's up to you to make sure that he survives and finds a new home!

How to Play

Get ready to face 20 levels of unique challenges! They will take you through a building site filled with complicated equipment and plenty of deadly traps, especially when you play the role of a snail. Can you solve all the puzzles and take Bob to a safe place where he can build a new home?

Now, it's time to learn how to play! The best part about the games in this series is the fact that you can control everything with your mouse. Do you want Snail Bob to start crawling? Click on him once, then click again when you want him to stop. All the devices within a level, such as buttons and levers, can also be operated by using your mouse. Easy as pie, right?

To successfully finish a level, you will need to get past the obstacles and traps using the objects in your environment to your advantage. For instance, throughout your journey, you will have to face electricity hazards, dangerous falls, and even lava. You need to figure out a creative way to surpass them, like flying over tied to a balloon. 

There's more you should know!

This game combines elements of puzzle games with the intensity of an adrenaline-filled adventure. Therefore, you should work on your wits, as well as your timing. More often than not, the key to getting past a level is moving at the exact right moment!     

Hurry up! Everybody knows that snails aren't known for their speed. However, this is an exceptional circumstance, so Snail Bob can make an exception. Use the buttons in the upper left corner of the screen to choose the speed of his crawling. Nonetheless, you should be warned: neither of them is exceptionally fast! 

Can you earn a high score and help Snail Bob reach the end of this epic journey? The key is to be as quick as you can when you figure out how to survive each level. If you manage to reach the end, your final grade is based on the points earned for each level. Moreover, you will be rewarded with a heart-warming scene of Bob in his new home. Isn't that cool?

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