Help Lincoln Loud tidy up the house in the Clean-o-Clock game! Do all the house chores before his parents arrive, but don't forget to also have fun!

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The Loud House is a mess in the Clean-o-Clock game! Summertime has come, and everyone is enjoying spending time in the sun. But the Loud siblings, including Lincoln, Lori, and Lucy Loud, have been neglecting their daily house chores a bit too often. Therefore, they are now grounded and prohibited from going outside the house until it's squeaky clean.

They need to make the house livable before their parents get home from work! Your job is to help them tidy up the rooms, clean the dishes, change the baby if needed, and so on. Mind that our friends need to play too. Otherwise, they'll get bored and won't do the chores. What do you say? Care to give a helping hand?

How to Play

To start off, you can see how much time you've got until the parents are back at the top right corner of the screen. Here you can see the Parents o' Meter as well. Your main job is to keep it in the green area by doing specific tasks around the house.

Each cleaning task will get you a couple of points that will add up to the meter. Make sure it doesn't hit red. Otherwise, it will be bed-and-grounded for you when Lincoln's parents arrive home.

You can fulfill your tasks by clicking on a Loud sibling to select him and then on a particular chore that needs to be done. For example, if you see footprints on the living carpet, it needs a thorough wash. Or perhaps, if the baby is crying, you might wanna hurry up and change him.

You should also know … 

It's advisable to always watch the bubble above your characters' heads. What do they want to play? Do they want to watch TV? Or perhaps some light exercises? It's best to combine chores with leisurely activities so that they won't get bored or angry. Keep in mind, however, that playing around won't add points to the Parents' happiness, but it will take some of the precious time on the clock.

If the device or toy they wanna play with is in another room, simply select the sibling and then swipe using your Mouse to change rooms. The correct direction will be highlighted with a green arrow. You should also check all the places for chores if the Parents o'Meter is not yet in the green area.

Now that you know how to play, let's help Lincoln, shall we? How many days of completed chores can you streak in one gameplay? Let's see!