Germ Squirmish

Help Lincoln disinfect the Loud House in the Germ Squirmish game! Use the spray to clean each room and kill one trillion germs before time runs out!

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The Loud House is infested and on the verge of being destroyed in the Germ Squirmish game! Upon arriving from a mountain trip, the Loud family began feeling a bit off. One by one, they all started to cough, run a mild fever, and feel unwell.

The next morning, they woke up to a total disaster! There were germs everywhere in the house! Green, mucus-like goo was all over the walls, the kitchen, the bedrooms, and the basement. Everywhere!

Lincoln has taken it upon himself to disinfect the house and protect his family. Your job is to help him clear out the house before it gets too infested to live in! Use your time wisely and try to search each and every corner of the house for germs. What do you say? You think you can do it? Let’s find out!

How to Play

Your main objective is to kill one trillion germs before time runs out. You can always check how many you’ve eradicated at the top of the screen.

First things first, you must select your battle: Squirm Off, Squirm and Protect, or Basement Blitz. Now, you can go explore the house in search of germs, while using the Arrow keys to guide Lincoln around.  

At the top of the page, you have your Disinfectant bar and Lincoln’s Health. Should he get too sick to fight the pest, it’s bed-and-rest for him, and you’ll lose the game. So remember to put some distance between you and the infected goo.

Once you get inside a room, you can press the Spacebar and spray disinfectant all over the place until the goo disappears. Be careful, for it can reappear in the strangest of places and take you by surprise, hurting Lincoln.

You should also know …

… that if a room gets too infested to enter, you will lose it! Just make sure to clean as much as possible before getting out, and don’t neglect any room!

There are also some power-ups that you can use along the way. For example, if you encounter a Gas mask, you should pick it for protection. You will be immune to germ infection for a limited amount of time.

If you run out of disinfectant, spot the nearest fuel point. There you can pick up disinfectant sprays that respawn from time to time. 

There are also some bombing cans, hidden inside the rooms. Walk towards them to detonate them and then run as fast as possible. They will clear all the germs in the room with a powerful explosion.

Don’t forget to clean downstairs and check the basement as well! Now that you know the rules, let’s claim back the house, shall we?