Ace Savvy on the Case

Find out who is behind all the little crimes in the Ace Savvy on the Case game. Look around for clues and make deductions based on them to exclude suspects!

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About Ace Savvy on the Case Game

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Something quite mysterious happened in the Ace Savvy on the Case game. Only a good detective can solve unusual events that left the others clueless. Good thing that Lincoln is a great detective fan, and he is more than excited to fix everything. Together with his partner, Clyde, they only need you to join them!

The main aim is to solve the case and to find who is behind all the trouble. There are many suspects to be taken into consideration. But how is Lincoln to decide among so many? Well, a true detective always looks for clues at the crime scene. Only after finding something relevant does he cut off suspects from the list!

How to Play

If a detective usually needs a toolbox full of equipment ranging from a magnifying glass to fingerprint powder, we are now more fortunate. All you will need for this game is your mouse! Simple as that. You must use it to thoroughly investigate every nook and cranny. To do that, you have to click around on objects that look suspicious. 

You should keep a sharp eye out for personal things. Pieces of clothing, a book, and some hairs can take more than one suspect off the list at a time! Thus, your job will become way easier if you can find useful clues. 

In addition to all these great missions, there are some extra ones too. As you know, Lincoln loves all the pets. As a side quest, he wants you to try to look out for them as well. These furry cuties are great at hiding in the most unexpected places. If you manage to find all three of them, you will get a medal each time!

More than that, there is another awesome achievement that only great detectives can get. That is the Ace Savvy award. This one is given only to the players that managed to solve a case without any wrong assumption. A single mistake is enough to steal away the trophy!

Being a detective has never been more entertaining, now that Lincoln and Clyde are here to step up the game.