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Set out on a new quirky journey with the Wheely 2 game! Help the cute red car survive all the dangerous adventures and find his one true love!

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Play the Wheely 2 game to have a blast while testing your wits and reflexes! Do you remember Wheely, the adorable red car with big dreams? After having survived his epic adventure and winning a race, our hero is facing a new challenge. Can you believe that he has fallen in love?

A shiny bubble-gum pink beauty has caught our hero's eye. However, he will need to complete a dangerous journey to finally meet his crush. Keep in mind that Wheely has no special abilities to boast with! Therefore, he will need your wittiness, coordination, and reflexes to survive this journey. Can you keep up?

How to Play

Are you ready to head out into the world? The game consists of 16 levels that will take you to many exciting locations. For instance, you will get to explore a wild jungle, the inside of a large boat, and even a skiing slope. Isn't that exciting?

Control Wheely and navigate the world around you by just using your mouse! Click on the vehicle to make him move and click again to stop him. However, he isn't able to turn around, jump, or attack. Therefore, you'll need to use the objects in your environment wisely to get past the finish line in each level. 

Explore all the devices around you and figure out how they work before you start driving! Often you will come across dangerous enemies and traps that you need to overcome. Given the fact that Wheely is an ordinary car, you will need to use intelligence and timing to lead your hero past the red flag.

Find out more about the game!

Can you keep up with Wheely as he searches for love? You are in for a bunch of exciting experiences, such as getting chased by a huge snowball and driving an aircraft. Can you believe that the adorable red car must parachute himself out of a moving plane? Sometimes you'll even be up against the clock. Therefore, you should act as quickly as you can!

The main challenge in this game is to find unusual solutions to every problem. Besides pushing buttons and using levers to activate platforms and elevators, there are many other devices that you need to use! The key to success is to be creative and open-minded.

Sometimes, you might even need to find a solution while in the dark! Don't be afraid to think out of the box! For example, you can use balloons to lift the cute protagonist, and even free him by using the spikes of an exotic plant. It's so funny and clever!

Can you help Wheely reunite with his one true love? The quicker you solve the puzzles in a level, the more points you will earn. Keep practicing if you want to witness the moving ending of a love story filled with adventure!

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