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Try the Wheely 4: Time Travel game if you are looking forward to an adrenaline-filled journey! You might have heard about Wheely, the unlikely hero of many quirky adventures. Somehow he always manages to get himself in exciting yet dangerous situations! This time everything started with a  flat tire. However, Wheely has stepped into an unusual repair shop!

Can you believe that the mechanic has installed a time-travel device on our beloved Wheely? Now, our protagonist has been accidentally teleported to the age of dinosaurs. You need to help him surpass all the obstacles and find the way home to his wife!

How to play the game

The game consists of 16 levels that will take you through multiple eras of the past and even the future. Are you ready to meet the mammoths, battle mummies, and witness the industrial revolution? Moreover, you should prepare to face the challenges of tomorrow, a realm filled with flying cars and advanced technology!

Get familiar with the controls and start playing! You can move the car by clicking on it and make it stop by clicking again. You only need to use your mouse to interact with all the devices within a level, such as buttons and levers. Can you use all the objects in your environment to your advantage?

Wheely's goal in each stage of the game is to get past the finish line, marked with a red flag. Naturally, you will need to solve complex puzzles and practice good timing to achieve your goal. What is more, you will need to collect powerful batteries which you can use to reload your time-travel machine and get back home. Can you do it?

There's more you should know!

The coolest part of this game is the fact that you can enjoy a truly breath-taking experience: a wild race on the inside of a gigantic dinosaur. It will require a lot of skill and sharp reflexes, given the fact that Wheely isn't the fastest car in the world. Moreover, you get to experience other unique challenges, such as operating a steam engine and learning to drive a flying car. Can you keep up?

Did you know that this installment of the series introduces some fun new elements? This time, for each level you complete, you receive a three-star rating. Besides getting past the finishing line flag, you need to also find the miniature red hero and a hidden wheel inside each scene. Do you have a sharp eye? Can you discover all the secret codes? It's the only way to accomplish the perfect score!

If everything goes according to plans, Wheely will get back to Doc's garage in one piece. I'm sure he is glad to undergo some reparations to get back to normal. However, if you know Wheely, you know that he'll soon find himself at the center of another adrenaline-filled adventure. Can you guess where he'll end up next?

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