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Play the Super Santa Kicker game for a holiday-themed challenge that will test your wits and physics knowledge. Help Rudolph kick Santa down the chimney!

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Play the Santa Kicker game if you are looking for a unique and entertaining skill-based game! Who doesn't love the festive atmosphere during the winter holidays? Now you can enjoy the Christmas spirit all year long with an addictive and exciting game! Are you ready to try? 

Everybody knows how important presents are on Christmas Eve. Can you imagine the look on the children's faces if they went missing? It's up to you to help Santa go down each chimney and deliver the magical gifts to every kid. With Rudolph's help, you must launch him over rooftops and past different obstacles. Get Santa down the chimney to win and move on to the next stage!

How to Play

Are you ready to play through 36 challenging levels? Each one of them will pose a new challenge for you. Can you remove all obstacles and reach the final stage of the game?

Let's start with the controls. All you need to do is click once. However, this single click regulates two essential parameters: the angle and strength of Rudolph's kick. Did you know that the further away you click, the stronger the reindeer's punch will be?

Sometimes unexpected objects can come between Santa's sleigh and the chimney.  Sometimes blocks or boxes will block your path towards the pipe. Don't forget that you can kick multiple Santas at an object to shatter it or push it out of the way! Isn't that cool?

What else you should know

You will come across many strange objects throughout your adventures, such as ramps, trampolines, or trolleys. Try to use them to your advantage if you want to succeed! 

Another useful tip is to use the multitude of Santas to your advantage. How to do that? Sometimes you can't kick the chubby and red protagonist directly into the funnel. Therefore, you should try to position a Santa in a strategic location. Use your next shots wisely to drop the first Santa right into the chimney! Isn't that neat?

Sometimes you will need to figure out quite complicated puzzles. Are you ready to activate a chain of mechanisms and use them to help you get Santa inside the chimney? You will need to think outside the box and prove your ingenuity! From giant snowmen to enormous cakes, you will be faced with unusual obstacles that test your skills. Surpass them and help save Christmas!

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