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Don't miss out on the Tank Fury game for a grueling battle filled with adrenaline! How many foes can you take down before your vehicle gets destroyed?

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About Tank Fury Game

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Head into battle with the Tank Fury game! If you're skilled when it comes to quick combat and strategy, give this challenge a try. You'll have the chance to measure up your abilities against other online players while controlling a superb battle vehicle: a tank. You'll need to keep your cool under pressure and make the best decisions to win. Find out if you have what it takes!

The game consists of a chaotic battle among many players from all over the world. After choosing your name and your tank, you'll find yourself in the middle of the action. It's up to you if you run from other players, attack aggressively, or maybe do a little bit of both. No matter your strategy, your goal is to survive for as long as possible and gain points!

How to Play

Begin by choosing one of the available tanks. Remember that what you pick matters! The three main characteristics of any vehicle are damage, fire rate, and speed. As you can imagine, you can't max out all three of the characteristics. Therefore, you have to choose the characteristics that fit your gameplay best.

Don't worry if you don't pick the right one at first! You can play with a new tank for every round. 

Even if it might seem like a difficult feat, controlling a tank is easy and fun in this game. All you need to do is use the Left and Right Arrows on your keyboard to move the tank on the many platforms in the game. You can also use the A and D keys in the same way if you prefer.

To punch a nearby enemy, all you need to do is Right-Click. Don't forget that your tank has a cannon! Aim by using your cursor, then press the Space Bar to fire!

Navigate the platforms carefully! You'll notice that there are blue portals scattered everywhere. You can never know where they'll take you! However, if you play the game many times, you'll know which one to take, as the routes are similar.

Be careful when you run away from an enemy! Sometimes you might end up in even bigger trouble!

What else you should know

As you might know by now, the goal of this challenge is to kill as many enemies as possible by depleting their health bar. Each kill you get will bring you over 1000 points and an extra point for your streak.

Don't forget to also pick up the crate of supplies left behind by your foe! Each one will grant you points, as well as regenerate health points for your tank. How helpful!

The more you play, the more your strategy will develop. For instance, you might find that being discrete can be a method to slip by unnoticed and survive. Just collect the crates left behind by other players and use the portals carefully. Avoid being caught in the crossfire!

However, an offensive strategy is the most exciting way to play this game. Did you know that holding the Space Bar and the Right Mouse Button will yield a powerful attack? Therefore, use this move often if you want to win. 

The key is to try your best to demolish any tank that comes your way and to build up a kill streak! After all, the player that takes down the most foes will win in this adrenaline-filled tank battle.

Stop hesitating and find out how long you will last!