Monkey Gems

Play the Monkey Gems game to help BenBen get rid of all the gem snakes trying to get him. How many pairs of jewels can you create to destroy the threats?

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Loads of gem snakes are after BenBen, the monkey, in the Monkey Gems game! Can you go deep into the jungle and lend him a hand to get rid of his chasers? He is counting on you to save him before it's too late. There is no time to waste! Let's get you ready for the brawl!

BenBen will grab the gems that lay around the trees, and your job is to help him throw them at the snakes! However, if your aim is not on point, you might end up helping the chasers. Do you think you're the right person for this task?

How to Play

Now that you're ready to enter the jungle, you should learn the controls. Luckily, those are as simple as possible. You only have to use your mouse to aim and hit your Left Click to throw the gems and make matches of three or more to destroy them. However, when you see some on their own, you will have to form the group yourself.

You have to clear three stages in order:

 - The Adventures Begins

 - Monkey On The Run

 - The Showdown

Each has many levels for you to complete. For example, you will have to get rid of one gem snake, and as you advance, you will need to face two simultaneously! Also, you will have bonus levels where you'll get to smash loads of fruits to acquire many points!

The snakes will come to you on the branches surrounding you, and you should smash all their gems as fast as possible. At the same time, if you manage to get rid of them, the distance remaining will be turned into extra points! Also, you might see some fruits popping around from time to time that can increase your score if you hit them!

There is more you should know!

BenBen has three life points, and he will lose one if the snake catches up to him! You will lose the level and have to start all over. Also, if you lose all three life points, you will lose the entire stage, so try to get rid of the gem snakes as fast as possible before they get close to you!

Don't worry if this seems too much work! You will have some handy tools if you can hit them! For example, you can hit the multiplier to gain some bonus points for ten seconds or the Cocobomb to destroy all the gems around it. Some can also slow down the snake or activate BenBen's Zenzen to make him throw the jewels at a higher speed!

Are you ready to take down every threat of BenBen? If so, why are you still waiting? Let's get into the jungle and see if you can fight all the snakes!