Cursed Marbles

Explore an ancient temple with the Totemia: Cursed Marbles game! If you are a fan of Zuma, you'll have a blast shooting bubbles to level up!

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About Cursed Marbles Game

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Play the Totemia: Cursed Marbles game if you are in the mood for a bubble-shooter challenge in an unexpected location! Given the satisfying gameplay, any Zuma expert will spend hours playing. Are you ready to take on an updated version of a classic game? You're in for a lot of surprises!

What sets this game apart is the mysterious atmosphere. Just take a look at all the fascinating artifacts and strange architecture all around you! However, the temple has dangerous traps and occult magic hidden behind every corner. Can you face all the perils to collect treasures and reach the final level?

How to Play

This breathtaking adventure consists of 45 levels of increasing difficulty. Each one of them will introduce more intricate routes and more bubbles to match. How fast can you clear them out using the ancient bubble cannons? If you let any ball fall into the pits, it's game over.

Let's start shooting! To begin with, move your cursor to adjust the angle of your shot. Have you noticed that the rows of balls are coming towards you? Use the bubble in your cannon to make a match of three or more elements of the same color to clear them off. All you need to do is click to shoot!

Have you noticed all the treasures around you? To win extra points, you can shoot at the golden coins that appear in the room. It will earn you much-needed bonus points and help you progress to the next stage of your adventure in the temple. Isn't that neat?

What else you should know

As you already know by now, the world of Totemia is full of surprises. What are all those shiny symbols? It seems like the temple's magical forces have created cool power-ups to help you advance and reach the final level of the game.

Have you noticed the bubbles marked with ancient symbols? Match them to unlock power-ups, such as the fireball or a better aim for your cannon. Can you believe that you can even use some of them to freeze time?

Keep in mind that the gods of the temple will try to test your skills! Therefore, they have devised complex challenges to see if you are worthy of the treasures hidden inside Totemia. For instance, you will need to deal with more than one row of bubbles coming your way. To make matches, you can change the position of the cannon on a different pedestal. Are you swift enough to pull off this move?

How far can you go on this adventure? The further you go inside the temple, the more secrets and treasures you will uncover. Only the smartest and fastest players will reach the final level and win the game. However, with enough practice, you'll make the high score list and have a blast!