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Play the Classic Bubble Shooter game if you want to unwind by making matches! Can you handle the overwhelming amount of bubbles and create groups?

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About Classic Bubble Shooter Game

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Start making smart matches with the Classic Bubble Shooter game! If you feel bored or stressed, there's nothing like popping colorful spheres to lift your mood. For minutes or even hours, you can forget all about your worries and focus on creating large groups of same-colored bubbles. It's so relaxing!

This classic version of a well-known game allows you to concentrate on making smart matches. Have you ever tried to match such an impressive amount of bubbles? Sometimes they can become overwhelming. However, if your strategy is good enough, you'll make the high score list. Either way, you'll have a blast!

The best part about this game is the fact that you can play endlessly. As long as you keep matching bubbles of the same color and don't let any of them touch the line at the bottom of the screen, you can keep playing. The final goal is to clear up all the bubbles from the field. However, it's going to be almost impossible to accomplish it! What is the highest score you can earn?

How to Play

Let's start popping bubbles! Use your cursor to choose the angle of your shot. Once you are satisfied, click to launch. Have you managed to clear out a group? If you haven't made a match of three or more, you fill up one of the black dots at the lower right corner of the screen.

Be careful! After missing five chances to make a match, the bubbles' rows will move closer to the cannon. It will limit your choices and make it harder to shoot! What is more, once you reach a higher level of the game, the rows will move faster. Make sure you don't get overwhelmed!

Test the limits of your speed and wits with this exciting game! You'll spend a lot of time stuck to the screen, trying to beat your last high score. The sleek style and smooth gameplay will make popping bubbles even more satisfying. Be careful, as this can become addictive!