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Play the Bubble Town game if you are looking for a fun and quirky puzzle! Use the cannon to shoot Borbs so that you clear the board before it's too late!

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About Bubble Town Game

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With the Bubble Town game, you can enjoy hours of fun, accompanied by quirky characters! What makes this puzzle so exciting is the fact that it features funny characters, filled with personality. You'll never get bored in the company of the colorful Borbs, with odd names such as Mary-Ann, Crabby, Effy, or Pearl. Let's meet them all!

The concept of the game is straightforward yet extremely satisfying. Use a cannon to shoot bubbles and form a group of three or more matching ones. Each good shot will clear out some of the bubbles, helping you to get closer to the end of the level. Are you ready to give it a try?

How to Play

The first step of the game is to choose a playing mode that suits your mood and gaming style. We suggest you start with the straight-up version of the game, which requires you to shoot bubbles at the group above the cannon. 

Once you practice for a while, you can try the ball mode. This time, the bubbles on your board are arranged in a circle that rotates after each shot. How challenging! However, your extra effort will be rewarded at the end of the level, when your score will double! 

The gameplay only requires you to use your mouse. Swipe across the screen to move the cannon in the desired position and establish the angle of your shot. Once you're ready, just click and watch your bubble go! The aim is to form groups of Borbs of the same type, which will disappear from the play space. The game ends if any Borbs reach the danger zone, marked with yellow stripes. Can you clear out the board before this happens?

There's more you should know!

The best part of this game is that there is no time limit! Therefore, you can relax and think of the best next move without any pressure. However, you will need to think carefully about each move. Once the Borbs in the cannon run out, the danger zone will move closer to the group of Borbs, taking you one step closer to failure.

Thankfully, you have some special bubbles that will help you reach the end of the level faster and even have more fun! They are called Powerup Borbs. For instance, if you pick up the Sureshot, you will be able to see the trajectory of your bubble before you shoot.

While some powerups will change the color of adjacent items, others can clear away all heads or even match any color. Discover them all by playing the game!

The key to a high score in this game is to take advantage of all its features. For instance, did you know that indirect shots will score you more points than direct ones? Calculate the angle wisely and start shooting to become a master!