Lanie's Wildflowers

Play the Lanie's Wildflower game and learn all about the pretty nature around you! Aim to shoot at the line down the river to collect all the flowers!

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About Lanie's Wildflowers Game

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Play Lanie's Wildflowers and join the young girl in camping with her parents and learning all about the flowers scattered around the field! Lanie gathered asters, black-eyed Susans, blazing prairie stars, and other wildflowers to show her family their beauty! Are you impressed with the beauty of wild nature?

If you're a fan of pretty flowers and bubble shooter type of games, you cannot miss this one! Your goal in this game is to collect as many wildflowers as possible as they go down the stream. Try to aim and shoot at a group of flowers to match and make them pop! Don't worry if it's a bit hard at first! You have various power-ups to help you!

How to Play

You only need your mouse to play this game. There's a flower launcher at the bottom of your screen. Use that to rotate and aim at the line of flowers coming down the stream. Match three or more wildflowers to clear them. If you need to launch a different flower, shoot the one you have in the opposite direction of the upcoming line! 

Now and then, "special" flowers will appear in the line you have to shoot. Try clearing them as quickly as possible and take advantage of the abilities they give you. Such abilities are:

- The Accuracy will create a beam of light to guide your shots

- The Pause will make the flower line stop for a few seconds

- The Clear Color clears all flowers of one color from the line

- The Slow will make your line move very slowly for a few seconds

Besides the abilities you obtain when clearing certain groups, the game also offers you power-ups. For example, the blue stars act like a cannon. They will pop all the flowers they hit, no matter the color. There's also the color changer, which shifts the aspect of any wildflower it hits. The last one is the bumblebee, which clears any flower in its path.

Join Lanie in this little nature adventure, and get ready to show off your aim by capturing all the flowers!