Josefina Petal Patch

Try the Josefina Petal Patch game if you like flowers and matching challenges! Can you beat the puzzle by pairing all the flower halves across the board?

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About Josefina Petal Patch Game

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Learn about the beautiful flowers growing around Josefina's family ranch and help her make a bouquet for her favorite aunt Dolores in the Josefina Petal Patch game! If you like pretty flowers and want to know more about them, you cannot miss this one! The hollyhocks, marigolds, lavender, or sunflowers scattered around the ranch will keep you mesmerized!

This game is perfect for those who enjoy matching challenges! Can you find and match all the flower halves in record timing? Not only your observation skills will be tested, but you also get to enjoy a game full of beauty and color! Don't let the game end before finding all the pairs!

How to Play

As with most matching games, you will only need your mouse for this one. Your goal is to match the flower halves and earn points to clear the level. However, there's a catch! You can only match flower halves that have at least three exposed edges.

If you're unsure whether you can select a tile for matching, hover your cursor above it, and the game will highlight it if you can use it. Then you are free to make your match! The deeper you get into the puzzle, the higher the score with each cleared pair.

Even if your goal is to clear out the game board as quickly as possible, there is no timer. The game allows you to take your time and think about your moves without any pressure! And don't worry, if you run out of moves or think you made a wrong one, you can always use the Undo button!

You can also learn more about the flowers growing around Josefina's ranch by visiting the "About the Game" section. Maybe you'll be lucky and discover a new favorite flower amongst them!

Are you ready to discover the beauty of the wildflowers around Josefina's family ranch? Take your time, and see whether you can match all of them!