Kirsten's Honey Bees

Help Kirsten sell honey to help her school in the Kirsten's Honey Bees game! Fill up the jars, fulfill the orders, and buy some new textbooks for the kids!

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About Kirsten's Honey Bees Game

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Have you ever wanted to know how honey is made? If so, get ready to learn all about it in Kirsten's Honey Bees game! Kirsten wants to use her family's beehives to help buy more books for her school, but she needs some help. Will you lend her a hand and sell all the jars of honey together?

Let's start taking some orders! Making honey is a long process with multiple steps, so you must be very careful. Plant some flower seeds, water them, and wait for the bees to do their job. Once the jars are ready, it's time to sell your products and earn money for your school!

How to Play

Luckily the controls aren't complicated, because you only need to use your mouse! Tap on each item to pick it up, then click on the area you want to use it. After the honey is ready, you just have to tap on the order form again and complete it! Sounds easy so far, right?

Your main goal for today's mission is to join Kirsten and sell as many jars of honey as possible. Prepare the products together, fulfill the orders, and raise money to help your school out! The more items you sell, the higher your earnings will be. This is why you must act fast and get to work straight away!

After each day at work, you can visit the garden store and grab any objects you want. From bee skeps to fences or water cans, these will all make your job easier. However, it's your choice to buy any items or save your earnings. Just think of a strategy, and do your best to keep up with the orders!

What else you should know

Remember to keep your eyes on the clock to see how long you have left! There is a time limit for each stage, so you have to hurry up and complete as many orders as possible.

If the level ends before you reach your target, it's game over! Just don't worry because you can retry each challenge as many times as you need.

Aren't you excited to join Kirsten and become beekeepers together? If so, it's time to learn all about making honey! Will you be able to raise enough money and help your school?