Molly's Paper Chase

Play the Molly's Paper Chase game and get your fluffy friends out of trouble! Chase the puppies down the street and avoid all the obstacles in your way!

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Spend a day chasing the two adorable pups around the neighborhood in the Molly's Paper Chase game! Yank and Bennet are notorious troublemakers. They always run up and down the street, creating trouble for Molly and her friend, Emily. This time, they've done it! They stole the neighbor's newspaper before he could read it this morning!

Your job in this game is to put on your skates and catch the two puppies while avoiding obstacles! This high-speed chase requires a lot of focus and good reflexes, but you have it all! The two rascals are not only cute but fast as well. Can you catch them and restore peace in the neighborhood?

How to Play

You only need your keyboard to play this game. Choose either Emily or Molly and start chasing the puppies down the street. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to avoid the obstacles on either side of the sidewalk. The Left and Right arrow keys control your speed, so use them to move faster or slow down. You can press the Space bar to jump over objects.

Complete the level by avoiding all the objects before reaching your destination. If you hit or trip over one, you will slow down but continue your chase. However, you only have three energy beads, so three chances to dodge every incoming obstacle before the game ends. You can't gain any back so be as careful as possible!

You gain points based on how fast you can catch the dog. The timer at the top of your screen shows you how much time you've spent chasing either Yank or Bennet.

However, you can get more points by collecting the butterflies that roam around the place. Each butterfly adds one hundred points to your overall score!

Let's see you zooming through the street on those stylish roller skates! The playful puppies couldn't have gotten too far! Will you catch them?