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Adopt a pet and take care of your new friend in the Net Pet game! Keep your cat or dog happy by playing with the toys, and don't let it become too naughty!

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Do you love animals and have always wanted to have your own furry friend? If so, then the Net Pet game was made for you! Now is your chance to adopt any pet you want, then take care of all its' needs. Are you feeling up for this challenge?

Owning a puppy or kitten is not as easy as it seems! This is why you must be patient and pay attention to its' actions. Play with your companion, feed it, or help it drink some water, and you'll soon become best friends. Just don't worry if your pet acts naughty sometimes because it's natural for them to be a little mischievous!

How to Play

The first step of this exciting challenge is to understand the basics. Use your mouse and open the menu to look at all your tools. When you need to use an item, simply click on it, then drag it into the room. To take any objects away, tap on their name again, and they will disappear!

Are you a dog or cat person? Luckily, the choice is yours to make, so take a good look at Coconut, Sugar, Honey, Licorice, and Ginger. Once you pick your favorite companion, it's time to bring it inside the house! How simple is that?

It's important to use toys such as the ball, frisbee, or mouse and play with your furry friend. This is how it will get enough exercise. If you don't spend enough time together, your pet might become naughty. Keep in mind to punish bad behavior by scolding your buddy, and it will soon learn its' lesson!

Remember to pay attention to the tips at the top of the screen! They will tell you everything you should know about your new companion. Is your pet feeling hungry or thirsty? If so, grab the correct items and place them down. When your furry friend wants to play, you can even go outside or move to another room and have more space for your activities!

Are you prepared to adopt your puppy or kitty? Remember that caring for a pet can be very difficult! Luckily, if you're an animal lover, you surely won't have any trouble!