Kit's A day at the Zoo

Play the Kit's A Day at the Zoo game and make new friends amongst the lovely animals! Play each of the mini-games and learn more about life at the zoo!

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About Kit's A day at the Zoo Game

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Spend a lovely day surrounded by wild animals in the Kit's A Day at the Zoo game! Kit loves going to the zoo to watch and learn all about the lovely animals residing there. From monkeys to Bengal tigers and seals, the zoo cares for all wild animals and gives endangered species a forever home.

Your job in this game is to walk around the zoo and interact with some of the wild animals. Play their adorable mini-games and learn how they live, what they eat, how they play, and so on. Each game requires different skills, but the fun is guaranteed as they're not too challenging!

How to play this game

You need both your mouse and keyboard to play this game. Hover your cursor over each animal to check which ones have a mini-game, then click on Play Now to start it. Read the instructions carefully and spend a whole day at the zoo in a fun-filled adventure!

The animals will have specific mini-games that fit their needs or species. Here are some of them: 

- Sea Spell: use your arrow keys to move the seal underwater and collect letters to form words

- Feeding Time: earn points by feeding multiple animals of the same kind in one go 

- Tiger Nursery: provide the Bengal tiger cub with all his needs and watch him grow

Who would've guessed wild animals knew how to play and express their happiness? Complete the games to show off your skills and bond with your new furry friends!

Now that you've seen how much excitement there is at the zoo, it makes you want to visit every day. Will you be able to succeed in every game and get a glimpse into these animals' habits?