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The American Girl: States of Mind game takes you on a virtual US road trip! Ready to test your know-how about all the states and their capitals?

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Prepare for an exciting adventure with the American Girl: States of Mind game! Imagine it's a beautiful summer day, perfect for a journey across the vast lands of the US. But guess what? You don't even need to pack a bag or leave your home. This game takes you on a virtual road trip across the country, letting you explore the wonderful states and their capital cities!

Your challenge is to show off how well you know the states and their capitals. As you travel from state to state on your digital map, can you remember the capital city of each one?

How to Play

When you play, you'll see a big map on your screen with lots of states. In each round, an arrow will pop up and point to one state, and a question will appear! You will have to use your mouse to choose one answer from the four options you'll see. Click on what you think is right!

As the game begins, you'll notice that each round has a new state for you to focus on. The arrow will show you which one it is. Then, you have to remember or guess that state's capital city.

You'll have four cities to pick from. For example, if the arrow points at Maryland, the game might ask, "The capital of Maryland is:" and you'll see choices like Richmond, Baltimore, Annapolis, and Atlanta. Choose wisely!

What else you should know

The excitement builds up with every question. Can you keep up the pace and get the most answers right? Every time you click the correct capital, you'll hear the success sound and lots of yellow stars will pop up, so you'll know you got it right.

Here's a tip: some states might be easier to remember than others. Maybe start by memorizing the capitals of the states you've visited or heard a lot about.

This is a brilliant way to learn more about the US and its wonderful states. The more you play, the more you'll learn, and soon you'll be a state-capital master!

Ready to hit the virtual road and test your knowledge? Start your engine, and hop into this adventure!