Snowboard Betty

Play the Snowboard Betty game and become a master of the snowy slopes! Slide from side to side, avoid dangerous obstacles and show off your cool tricks!

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Conquer the snowy mountain slopes and show off your snowboarding skills in the Snowboard Betty game! Prove you are the bravest snowboarder this season, and do a Frontflip off the ramp! Make sure to stick it and not faceplant in front of everyone! Are you ready to learn all about these words and cool snowboarding moves?

Your job is to lead the young snowboarder down the snowy slope while avoiding obstacles left and right. You can do all kinds of tricks by jumping off ramps and collecting bonuses that boost your high score! Be careful not to fall! Will you be able to reach the finish line and show off your skills to everyone?

How to Play

You only need your mouse to play this game. Use it to move the snowboarder down the slope from one side to the other. Your goal is to gain points by avoiding the rocks and tree stumps scattered across the mountain slope so the young girl won't fall. The game is over when you reach the finish line.

There are three energy beads in the upper right corner of your screen. Those show you the number of obstacles you can hit before the game ends. Try not to run out of energy beads and avoid all obstacles, or you will have to start the whole ride again.

There are also a few power-ups in this game. They will offer you extra points as soon as you catch them. The pink flower adds 100 points to your overall high score, while the gold star will add 200 points to it. If you lead the young girl onto the slope, she will do cool tricks and earn you 500 points! Now, that's a neat trick!

So are you ready to show off your snowboarding skills and claim every slippery slope? Make way for this winter season's superstar!