Caroline's Sailing Adventure

Play the Caroline's Sailing Adventure game and sail the quick stream! Collect the right amount of cargo and avoid obstacles to complete your journey!

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About Caroline's Sailing Adventure Game

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Play the Caroline's Sailing Adventure game and join the young girl on her ship as she sails around her hometown's harbor! All the supplies needed in Caroline's town come by boat. Ever since they got attacked by the British troupes, the young girl has taken it into her own hands to deliver everything they need with her little vessel!

Your goal in this game is to help Caroline gather fallen cargo onto her ship and get them back to Sackets Harbor! Put your math skills to the test and try collecting the correct amount so the vessel won't sink! Will you become everyone's hero and get all the precious supplies?

How to Play

You only need your mouse to play this game. Move your cursor from side to side to steer along the stream. You can pick up cargo by running into the barrels. Next, you also need to sail the whole distance, shown in the right corner of your screen, to move to the next level.

Your job is to return to the harbor after collecting a certain amount of cargo from the sea. Each barrel has a specific weight, so you'll have to add or drop some of it to match the correct number. If you've collected too much weight, pass through the dock to unload some!

You can see how much cargo you need to collect in the bar at the top of your screen. It will fill in with every box or barrel you pick up. The white line shows you the weight limit. Once you cross it, it is clear you've collected too many supplies!

Avoid obstacles scattered along the stream like rocks, logs, or other ships. If you hit them, you'll lose different amounts of cargo from your vessel. Some water currents give you a speed boost, so move above them to make dodging the obstacles easier!

So will you help out young Caroline in her cargo collecting journey? Set sail and grab that precious loot!