Cecile: Pecan Toss

Play the Cecile: Pecan Toss game and show everyone your impressive skills! Aim and throw to feed Cochon the parrot his beloved pecans as he moves around!

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Enjoy a new type of friendship between a girl and her funny parrot Cochon in the Cecile: Pecan Toss game! Cecile knows her feathery friend loves to eat, and his favorite treat is pecans. That's why she carries them around everywhere she goes! The little parrot always follows her in hopes he gets to eat a snack.

Your goal in this game is to feed Cochon some pecans as he moves around the living room. Catching the treats is not easy for the parrot because he rarely sits in one place! It's your job to throw them right! Maybe Cochon will even say "thank you" after his belly is full!

How to Play

You only need your mouse to play this game. Aim your cursor in Cochon's direction, then click and hold until the arrow lines up with his mouth. The more you hold down, the further the treat will go. Release the button to throw the pecan and feed the parrot. 

A timer appears at the top of your screen. Although the time is slowly running out, you can gain more with each treat you feed Cochon. The more time you get, the higher your score will be, and you can satisfy the little parrot's snack hunger.

You can clear levels quickly by successfully feeding Cochon consecutively, three or more times. Your score will increase, and you can use this trick to your advantage, whether you play on your own or against a friend. Remember that the parrot will move and fly around more as you complete levels, so it'll be harder to aim.

So will you help Cecile keep her best friend happy and feed him his favorite treat? It is a sign of true friendship!