Trick for Treats

Play the Trick for Treats game and become the scariest one in the bunch! Drop your toy spider in time and scare the monsters into giving you their candy!

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Get ready for Halloween and show everyone who is the scariest in town in the Trick for Treats game! It's the spooky season, and all the monsters are out trick or treating, gathering candy! This year, instead of going door to door to ask for your favorite sweets, you can steal them from the Halloween creatures roaming the streets! Boo!

Your goal in this game is to use your toy spider to scare some of the witches, monsters, and ghosts into ditching their candy! However, it's all about timing and precision if you want to succeed. Are you ready for a new type of trick or treating?

How to play this game

You only need your mouse to play this game. Move it from side to side to lead the girl left and right on the balcony, then click to lower your toy spider and scare the Halloween creatures below. Once they throw their candies into the air, you can catch them in your basket.

This game is about timing, so be sure to drop your spider right in front of the monsters as they walk by, or they won't get scared. If you do this right, you might be able to scare even multiple creatures at once.

You can only miss a few times before the energy bar at the top of your screen will run out. You have as many chances as the number of squares, so try not to miss, or it will be game over!

If you want to gather as much candy as possible, try to be on the lookout for power-ups! For instance, catch the bonus bat, and you will get back an energy square if you've lost any of them!

Are you ready to skip the Trick or Treating and steal all the candy this Halloween? It's Spooky time!