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All animal lovers are welcome to the Pet Grooming Studio game! Now you can groom many cute furry companions in the company of the American Girls!

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Don't miss out on the Pet Grooming Studio game! You'll have a ton of fun learning about dog and cat care with the American Girls. To help you put into practice what you know, the girls have arranged a wonderful studio for pet grooming. Are you ready to step in and make the dogs and cats feel and look beautiful?

The best part about this game is that it features two different gaming modes. Choose Free Play for a relaxed experience, where you can choose a pet and spend all the time you want to perfect your creation. However, you can also try the Timed Mode if you're looking for a rush of adrenaline. How many pets can you groom in 4 minutes?

How to Play

Pet grooming can be a very messy and complicated activity. Luckily, this game allows you to do your job without any mess. Besides, the only tool you'll need is your mouse!

For every step of the process, your mouse will turn into the necessary object. Next, hover your cursor over the pet to start brushing, drying, or rinsing. Repeat each step until the bar at the top right corner of the screen fills up. Once you finish, simply click on the orange arrow to move on to the next step. That's all you need to know!

The game allows you to groom a wide variety of dogs and even a cat. Regardless of what you choose, the eight steps of grooming a pet are the same: wash, rinse, towel dry, blow dry, brush the fur, the teeth, and clip the nails. Just follow the instructions for each step and try to do it as thoroughly as you can!

What else you should know

If you choose the Free Play mode, you can enjoy an extra step in the grooming process. What accessories fit your pet better? Every companion likes to feel pretty! Therefore, add a collar, a bandana, or a bow to express your pet's personality. You can even combine all three options for a very fancy look.

Experiment until you find what you like and take a picture! You can even download your creation to your computer. Neat!

Enjoy a fun day at the pet grooming studio with the talented American Girls! They know a lot about pet care, so follow their instructions to do each step the right way and become an expert.

What is more, you can even try to apply what you've learned to your own pet in real life! Just remember to do it under adult supervision!