Autumn Frolic

Help Coconut and Licorice collect all the tasty walnuts in the Autumn Frolic game! Climb up the tree, grab the items, and watch out for any obstacles!

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About Autumn Frolic Game

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Cats and dogs don't always get along, but Coconut and Licorice are best friends. Now is your chance to play with the cute duo and help them complete their plan in the Autumn Frolic game! The two furry buddies are ready to climb up a tree to get some delicious walnuts. Lend them a hand and prepare a delicious afternoon snack together!

Coconut and Licorice are eager to begin the adventure, but they still need your help. Hopping from one branch to another is no easy task, so you must guide your teammates well! If you keep them safe, they'll be able to grab all the walnuts! Just make sure not to run into the squirrels or birds, or your cute friends might get injured.

How to Play

Are you ready for some teamwork? To control Licorice, you will need to use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Tap on the Up, Down, Left, and Right keys to move in each direction or the Space bar to drop the walnuts. Aim at the right time, and Coconut will catch them all!

Your main objective is to grab all the delicious items sitting on the branches and throw them down towards the puppy. Catch enough walnuts and fill up your buckets to reach your goal.

However, you must pay attention to the screen before you let go of each object. If you're not careful, Coconut won't be able to grab the items in time!

What else you should know

Remember to avoid the squirrels and birds at all costs! Each time you hit them, you'll lose some energy. You only have three lives, so it's best to stay safe. If you waste all your chances, it'll be game over!

Watch out for the apples because they are valuable items! They will allow you to recover some of your energy and continue your mission. However, if you already have enough lives, you can earn some bonus points. This is why you must keep an eye out for the fruit and try to grab them all!

Coconut and Licorice are counting on you to prepare a delicious afternoon snack! Do you think you can collect all the walnuts and fill up their buckets?