Kit: The Mystery at the Museum

Play The Mystery at the Museum game and find the ruby in the dark museum! Create a path by clearing matching blocks and help Kit navigate the museum!

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About Kit: The Mystery at the Museum Game

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Join Kit in finding the True Heart ruby in The Mystery at the Museum game! Kit is writing a story about the new exhibit at the museum, documenting everything about the newly arrived jewels. But oh no! Someone broke the glass and stole the True Heart ruby from the collection! Where could it be?

Everyone is looking for the lost jewel. Your job is to help Kit walk through the museum's dark rooms to find clues about the location of the ruby. Keep your eyes peeled for the keys that unlock the doors to the rooms, or you won't be able to investigate! Can you finish the puzzle and find the precious ruby?

How to Play 

You only need your mouse to play this game. Move across rooms in the museum and create a path by clicking on matching blocks. Reach the key to open the door and navigate through the rooms. If you're unaware of the key's or door's location, use your flashlight to look around the map.

Most levels are not limited to only one room. You might have to walk back and forth between rooms to get the key and open the door. A green arrow will appear on the right side of your screen, indicating that there's more than one room in your level. Follow it to reach the other spaces.

Some 'X' squares will block some of the areas on your board, like the door or the key. To clear those areas, you must click and break the matching blocks around them. You can find your way through these areas even if you break one block, as long as the ones around it match.

You can also pick up bonuses as you make your way through the rooms. If you move over the battery, the area shown by Kit's flashlight will increase. You can also walk over the bomb and clear all the blocks in the nearby area. The snowflake will freeze time and give you an extra chance to finish the level.

What else you should know

You have a timer on the right corner of your screen. There is plenty of time to finish the level, and you can freeze it, but don't waste it! Clear a path as fast as you can to progress through the levels!

After completing the twelve levels, you receive a rebus puzzle to find out the location of the ruby. Read it out loud to figure out the words and complete the sentence!

Now that you know the ins and outs of navigating the museum, are you ready to find the precious jewel? Let's get to sleuthing!

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