Samantha: The Missing Heart

Play the Samantha: The Missing Heart game and find the missing necklace! Connect gems to make chains and collect the diamonds to complete the jewelry.

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About Samantha: The Missing Heart Game

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Reclaim all the gems of an old and precious necklace in the Samantha: The Missing Heart game! The young girl and her grandmother visited Mrs. Smythe-Whitby's estate. They listened to her wonderful stories about the origins of her lovely necklace. The necklace's ruby belonged to many great women in history. However, someone has decided to steal it! Now the diamonds are scattered all around, and the ruby is missing! 

Participate in the search for the necklace's pieces and help Samantha find the ruby! Match gems to create long chains and earn diamonds for Mrs. Smythe-Whitby's precious jewelry. If you're a fan of connection games, you cannot miss this one! Prove to everyone that you have the skills to complete the necklace!

How to Play

You only need your mouse to play this game. Collect diamonds by creating chains of gems and clearing them from the game board before the time runs out. Click on matching gems to link them together, then click on the last one to complete the chain and make them disappear. Remember, the jewels must be next to each other to create a chain. 

For a diamond to appear, you must connect seven or more gems in one chain. The longer the chain, the better. You can tie the diamond in at any point, beginning, middle, or end. It will also work with all types of gems!

As you advance through the levels and collect more diamonds, you will slowly complete the lady's necklace. Each stage will ask you to obtain a certain amount of diamonds, then add them to your final jewelry piece. To complete the level, you must always collect all the jewels.

There are a few bonus gems throughout the levels. The rainbow opal allows you to connect two gem chains of different colors to make it bigger and earn more points. Try to look out for the multiplier and extra time jewels as well. Then, connect them to your chain and take advantage of the bonus.

What else you should know

If you ever get stuck and there are not enough gems in your chain to make a diamond appear, don't worry! At the top of your screen, there is a shuffle button. You can click it anytime, and the gems will change places, offering you new chances to make connections.

When you complete the necklace, you will access a tangram puzzle! Put all the pieces together to obtain the True Heart ruby. Once that is done, you can return the jewelry to Mrs. Smythe-Whitby!

So will you be able to find all the stolen diamonds and put the famous necklace back together? Save the day and show off your impressive skills!

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