Kaya Race to the Finish

Play the Kaya Race to the Finish game and become the tribe's champions! Collect leaves with your shield to increase the horse's speed and win the race!

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About Kaya Race to the Finish Game

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Win the race and learn horse-riding tricks in the Kaya Race to the Finish game! Kaya and her lovely companion Steps High are known to be pretty fast racers in the tribe. These friendly contests are a matter of great entertainment for the young girl's family and friends! Will she and her fast horse, Steps High, be the winners?

The race doesn't start until you step in. Your job in this game is to help Kaya and her horse finish the race first by collecting flying leaves in your shield. You can take advantage of some bonuses, but you need to move fast, or the other contestants will win the race! Prove your skills and cross the finish line as the tribe's champions.

How to Play

You only need your mouse to play this game. Use your cursor to move the shield around and capture as many leaves as possible. The more you catch, the faster your horse will be. Win the race by quickly completing the course and crossing the finish line first. You can track the distance to the finish line by looking at the meter at the bottom of your screen.

As you pass each level, more people and horses will join the race. The new riders will increase the difficulty of your contest and challenge you to do better. Remember that you can only pass on to the next level if you pass the finish line first. Be the fastest racer, and don't let the others pass by you!

You can collect bonuses throughout the race! They come in the shape of flowers, and you can easily catch them with your shield. The yellow flower will give Kaya and Steps High a speed boost, while the pink flower will make your dreamcatcher bigger so you can catch more leaves at once. If you capture the blue flower, it will freeze time and make the leaves easier to collect.

You have all the abilities of a good rider, so let's win this race! Kaya and Steps High can't wait to prove to the tribe that they are the fastest!