Lanie's Starry Nights

Play the Lanie's Starry Nights game and discover new constellations in the starry sky! Can you find all the star patterns before the sun comes out?

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About Lanie's Starry Nights Game

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Discover new constellations and admire the starry sky every night in the Lanie's Starry Nights game! Lanie's aunt loves teaching her new things, so she came up with a new game for the young girl. Every night, she challenges Lanie to find existent or imaginary constellations in the starry sky. Are you up for the same challenge?

Your goal in this game is to find the patterns of stars drawn by Lanie's aunt in the night sky. These constellations could be well-known, like the Big Dipper, or made-up, like the Sun or the Cat. Can you find them all before the morning comes?

How to Play

If you're a fan of games that put your observation skills to the test, you cannot miss this one! It's simple if you focus, and you only need your mouse to play it. First, you need to look at the constellation drawn in Lanie's notebook. Then click on a star that belongs to that constellation in the sky to earn points.

The night sky is unpredictable sometimes, so pay attention to the clouds. If a cloud passes in front of the constellation you need, and you click on it, you'll get a strike! You'll also get an X if you identify the wrong pattern. The game only allows three strikes before it's over!

As mentioned before, the game has a timer. You can only find constellations until the morning rolls around. Keep track of the time by looking at the meter at the top of your screen. The light on your starry sky will be a hint as it changes color when morning approaches.

The number of star patterns you must find increases every day as you pass each level. Sometimes they are hard to spot, but if you need help, don't worry! Now and then, a falling star will appear on your screen. Catch it quickly by clicking on it, and you'll get a hint plus some extra points!

So are you ready to show Lanie's aunt your observation skills and find all the star patterns? You'll be able to learn a lot about the constellations in the sky too!