Bring on Spring

Help the flowers grow in the Bring on Spring game. Can you take care of the plants while keeping the colony of rabbits away from your magic garden?

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About Bring on Spring Game

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It's time for the flowers to emerge again in this Bring on Spring game. Now you get the chance to grow your serene little garden, a safe haven just for you! Your mission is, however, not as easy as it seems. A group of hungry bunnies is about to ruin your plans.

More than a gardener, you will be the guardian of the flowers. Your job is to hinder the rabbits from ruining your oasis. You need to protect the flowers around you by fending off the eager bunnies! It's up to you to keep the spring alive.

How to Play

Your mouse, and a bit of agility, are all you need to successfully grow the greatest garden of the spring. For watering the plants, you will need to left-click on each highlighted plant. The flowers require water regularly to preserve the season.

The fluffle of rabbits is continuously attempting to eat your plants. You should keep them away by moving your pointer towards each of them as fast as you can.

Try not to miss out on any bunny as you advance in levels, or your garden will be devastated. They are calling for reinforcements, so more of them are bound to come, for sure. They are greedy and don't easily admit defeat.

There's more you should know!

Beware, as there will be more rabbits as you progress in levels! You need to move quickly as the bunnies will also increase their speed.

Additionally, you should also keep in mind that the plants will be highlighted only when they need to be watered. As a result, you won't be able to water them sooner.

Without you, the garden will be ruined. The spring is waiting for you to be its savior! Don't let it fade away, and it will, for sure, remain eternally thankful to you.