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Play the Snack Time game and meet the American Girl pet bunch! Find each pet's favorite food and swap them around to give everyone the correct snack!

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Learn how to feed every pet their favorite food in the Snack Time game! The American Girl animals can't wait for a snack, but they all like eating something different. Sombrita, the goat, enjoys grass and hay, while the raccoon that comes around from time to time loves dog biscuits and fish! Of course, Missy, the farm cat, likes eating fish too, but who will get it first?

All the animals are hungry, and it's your job in this game to feed them. Check what each pet eats, then do your best to give them their favorite foods. Try not to mix up the snacks, or they won't eat them! You'll earn points and the love of every animal with each correct snack. Can you find every pet's favorite food?

How to Play

You only need your mouse to play this game. Click on the foods to start swapping their places and place them above the pet you need to feed. They will fall slowly, giving you time to figure out the right one, but you can click and hold to increase the speed.

Every correct snack awards you ten points for the total high score. In the same way, if you don't guess the food correctly, you will lose 10 points. Each incorrect guess will also cause you to lose one energy bead. You only have four chances to get it wrong before it's game over.

Remember that some animals eat the same food, so sometimes you won't even need to swap the snacks! If you're not too sure and need to check, you can find out what each American Girl pet loves eating in the Meet the Animals tab!

So are you ready to make some new cute fluffy friends? They will surely love you after enjoying a good snack!