Toasty at the Farm

Play the Toasty at the Farm game and help your furry friend be the best herd dog! Move around to guide the sheep to the barn and keep the wolves away!

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About Toasty at the Farm Game

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Play the Toasty at the Farm game and spend a day with the lovely pup as he protects the sheep! This time, it looks like the herd escaped the barn and ran away! Although they love the outdoors, the fields around the farm can be dangerous. The wolves can't wait to get a taste of the fluffy sheep!

Toasty, the herding dog, has to round up the sheep as fast as possible and bring them back to the barn! His mighty bark will scare all the wolves away, and the little lambs will be safe! With a bit of focus and speed, you can help Toasty become the hero of the farm!

How to Play

You will only need your mouse to play this game. Move your cursor to make Toasty run all around the field. You can make him move faster by clicking and holding down. The green bar at the top of your screen will empty as you use the speed boost and fill again when Toasty moves normally.

As Toasty the dog guides the sheep back to the barn, wolves will appear randomly. They might scare the poor sheep away, so chase them off as soon as they come running in! The wolves are faster than Toasty, so try using the speed boost to your advantage!

As you progress, the difficulty of each level will increase. You'll get more wolves running around every turn, and the map will grow longer. Obstacles such as bushes, little lakes, or logs will appear in your way to stop you from getting the sheep back to the barn safely.

There's also a timer at the beginning of each level. You'll get more time as the track gets longer. Try to get all the sheep back before the seconds run out, or it will be game over. The faster you do it, the higher your score will be!

Are you ready to help the happy dog with his quest and bring his fluffy friends back home? That way, you can prove Toasty is the best herding dog!