Wahine Hula Hustle

Prepare for a party in paradise in the Wahine Hula Hustle game! Dance your way to the destination, deliver all the items, and build the most colorful lei!

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Get ready to dance your way to the party in the Wahine Hula Hustle game! The Wahine are going to the Dance Hut to celebrate, but something important is missing. Some of the objects they need for the event are missing, and you must help bring them back! Can you get to Coconut in time and deliver the goods?

The party won't start until the preparations are complete, so you must hurry up! Lead the girls to their destination and bring the objects before time is up. Just remember the road is full of gaps, so you will need to create bridges or fix other issues along the way! If you manage to grab some extra items, you might even have enough to build a lei.

How to Play

The party must start, so it's time to get going! To grab the right tools and lead the way, all you need to use is your mouse. Tap on each object to pick it up, then place it down where it helps the Wahine. If you use the items correctly, the hula girls will reach their destination in no time!

This challenge is like a puzzle, so you have to take advantage of your creativity and use the tools effectively. Your goal is to use all the items to solve each level. However, you can sometimes think of clever strategies to reach the hut without using every object. How long will it take you to complete your mission?

For every stage, Coconut will tell you how many objects you must deliver. From coconuts to conch shells or hula skirt grass, each item is important! As the party preparations progress, the levels will increasingly become more difficult. This is why you must put your mind to the test and find the quickest way to the hut!

Remember that you are playing against the clock! If you can't deliver the objects in time, you can restart the current challenge and try again. Act fast, and you can even collect extra items! This is how you can earn flowers for your lei.

It's time to start the party! The hula girls need your help with the preparations, so join them and deliver the objects as quickly as you can!