Coconut's Safari

Head off into the jungle in the Coconut's Safari game! Grab your camera, take clear pictures of all your favorite animals, and complete the mission!

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About Coconut's Safari Game

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Are you ready to learn more about your favorite wild animals? If so, give the Coconut's Safari game a try, and head off to the jungle! Your fluffy friend is venturing into the unknown to witness her favorite creatures in action. Aren't you excited to join Coconut and explore the wilderness together?

Now is your chance to show off your photography skills! Wild animals move very quickly, so you have to act fast and focus on your subject. Can you snap some good pictures of the lions, elephants, monkeys, and other creatures? If so, you'll need a steady hand and lots of patience!

How to Play

It's time to grab your camera and get to work! To take snapshots, all you have to do is move your mouse, focus on your subject, and click on the screen. Just keep in mind that you only have 60 exposures to work with! That sounds easy so far, doesn't it?

For your first choice, you will need to pick a play style. The game has two modes you can try: Safari and Free Mode. The first one contains six levels, and you will have a mission and a time limit for each stage. However, if you choose the Free Mode, you can simply pick a level and take pictures as long as you want!

To meet your objective for each mission, you will have to take good pictures of your subjects. This is why the camera must be steady so that the snapshots won't be blurry or cropped.

However, you can earn a higher score if you can take perfect photos. Just remember that they must be centered, and the animal has to be clearly visible.

What else you should know

You only have one minute to complete the challenge, so there's no time to waste!

To win the game, you must overcome all six stages of Safari Mode. Keep your eyes open and look for your target through the jungle, then focus your camera on the correct spot! If you can't complete your goal, you'll have to restart the mission from the beginning.

Get ready because Coconut is excited to begin your safari adventure! Will you be able to take photos of all the wild animals in sight?