What are the most popular American Girl Games?

  1. Pet Grooming Studio
  2. Net Pet
  3. Pet Pick-Up
  4. Kanani: Onolicious
  5. Samantha: The Missing Heart
  6. Pet Sledding
  7. Picture Pieces
  8. BeForever: Endless Style
  9. Felicity's Colonial Adventure
  10. Kit: The Mystery at the Museum

What are the best American Girl Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Pet Grooming Studio
  2. Net Pet
  3. Kanani: Onolicious
  4. Samantha: The Missing Heart
  5. Picture Pieces

How to play American Girl Games without Flash?

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American Girl Games make history interesting!

Don't miss out on the American Girl Games if you want to know more about American history! Who would've thought that a bunch of 18-inch dolls would help kids learn?

The creator, Pleasant Rowland, an American educator, and entrepreneur had this genius idea in 1986. Therefore, she founded her own company and started selling dolls. The catch is that each doll came with a book! Each one of them is set in a significant era of American history. However, the twist is that the books focused on kids and their life!

For the first time, girls had the chance to read about a day in the life of an 8 to 10-year-old from another era. What kept their attention? The books showed exciting stories of heroines living through a world-changing event, such as the Civil War or the American Revolution.

As opposed to history in school, American Girl focuses on the day-to-day life of girls. What do they eat, how do they play, and what is their school like? You'll learn about all that and much more!

Above all, what makes American Girl dolls stand out is their clothing. If you have ever wondered about fashion throughout the ages, don't miss out on this series! You'll have the chance to see how people from different backgrounds dressed from the 1700s to the 1980s. Doesn't that sound cool?

You can play the BeForever: Endless Style game to see how the American Girl wardrobe changed throughout the ages!

Meet some of the original heroines!

Nowadays, almost 100 dolls got released by American Girl! They have developed many different lines in time, steering away from the historical characters that made them famous. However, the most loved American Girls are from the BeForever series. Are you ready to meet them?

Molly McIntire is one of the first six dolls created by Pleasant Rowland. The brown-haired young girl represents World War II and its effect on the average American kid. Her father is a doctor caring for wounded soldiers in England, and her mum works for the Red Cross. Therefore, she has to play her part in helping the war effort. However, she also loves to do childish stuff, such as skating, tap-dancing, movies, and summer camp.

It's our pleasure to introduce the first dark-skinned doll in the American Girl collection! Addy Walker represents the Civil War Era. In fact, she and her family have lived through the war, as well as the aftermath. Slavery, freedom, hard work, and sacrifice are just some of the themes in her story. Play the Buttons Up game to join Addy at her job as a seamstress' help!

Don't forget about the spunky Kit Kittredge! Have you heard about the Great Depression? Naturally, this trying time in American history has left a deep mark on kids and adults alike. Just read Kit's stories to convince yourself! At the time, most Americans didn't have much money. Therefore, life was much simpler! Luckily, Kit is a tomboy who doesn't spend any time dreaming about fancy dresses or glam parties. On the contrary, she is very sporty!

American Girls keep up with modern times!

Don't worry! This category allows you to experience recent history as well. For instance, Julie is one of the most popular American Girl dolls because of her long blonde hair and style. She grows up in the '70s, the age of flower power and changes in society. As a result, this young girl is very outspoken and progressive. Join her to learn more about the era and her fun adventures!

Do you want to meet an American Girl from a more modern era? Chrissa is a 10-year-old girl born in the early 2000s. What sets her apart from the other dolls is her creativity and passion for swimming. It's no wonder that she is so crafty, given that her family owns a pottery studio. Would you like to learn more about this craft? Play the Ceramics Studio game to study the steps of creating a pot!

In conclusion, the American Girl games are some of the most educational activities that you can try. Besides, you're bound to have a ton of girly fun in the company of the cute heroines. No matter what your hobbies and interests are, you'll surely find an American Girl that inspires you!

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