Chrissa: Ceramics Studio

Unleash your creativity and craftiness in the Ceramics Studio game! Join the American Girl to sculpt, decorate, and glaze 15 pots before the time runs out?

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Play the Ceramics Studio game if you have ever wanted to learn more about the art of pottery! With the help of the American Girls, you can now find out about all the steps of creating a pot. Besides, you'll get to go through all the stages and create beautiful objects! 

The game challenges you to create fifteen pots before the time runs out. You'll have to mimic the designs, which go from simple to very complex. Each successful creation will appear on the shelf in the studio. Can you fill it up in time? There's only one way to find out!

How to Play

If you know anything about ceramics, you must know how many tools you need to create a pot. Luckily, everything is easier in the American Girl Ceramics Studio. All the tools are digital and easy to use! Besides, you can use the Undo and Redo buttons in every step if you're not happy with the results. Are you ready to start creating?

The first step of creating a pot is sculpting the clay on a spinning wheel. Notice the three tools at the top of the screen: small, medium, and big. Pick one, then hover your mouse over the mound of clay to shape it.

Can you imitate the model on the right side of the screen? Once you think you are close enough, simply press the Done button to move on. If you can't achieve the correct shape, use the Hint button to make the contour appear. It will make things so much easier!

Next, it's time to decorate! The patterns will appear automatically on your pot. Trace them with your mouse without touching any of the borders. To succeed, you have to start from the round symbol and go towards the star. Let's hope you have a steady hand!

There's more you should know!

Finally, you can glaze your creation. It's the process that allows you to add color to your ceramics. Can you copy the pattern on the right side of the screen? You can use one of the three available brush sizes: small, medium, and big.

What is more, you have three primary colors at your disposal: red, yellow, and blue. Overlap them to get other hues! For instance, you can get green if you paint with blue on top of yellow.

Your first pot is finished! The quicker and more precise you are, the higher your final score is. Besides, if you can manage to complete all 15 objects before the time runs out, you'll get extra points.

Admire all your creation on the studio shelf and compare your score to your friends! It's so much fun to craft!