Molly's Victory Garden

Play the Molly's Victory Garden game and learn the ins and outs of gardening! Move vegetables in different spots to form rows and clear them out!

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About Molly's Victory Garden Game

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Enjoy a day in the sun and become a master gardener in the Molly's Victory Garden game! During World War II, Molly and her family had to make do with all the produce they grew in the garden. However, the young girl truly enjoys spending her time amongst the healthy-looking vegetables. She dislikes a few, like turnips, but seeing her family fed and happy is worth it!

Your goal in this game is to make rows of vegetables by moving their place as soon as they grow. Rearranging a big garden like Molly's is no easy task, but you can manage it. Pick as many as possible for the young girl's family and watch the garden bloom with new vegetables daily!

How to Play

You only need your mouse to play this game. First, click on the vegetable and then the space where you want to move it. The goal is to get three, four, or five of the same vegetables in a row to clear it and earn points. 

The more you clear, the more space you have for more vegetables to grow. However, the ones you do not pick will turn into turnips, and Molly won't be pleased!

Before you can plant a vegetable in a different spot, make sure you have a clear path ahead. If anything else is in the way, the No Path sign will appear, which will make your move impossible. Avoid placing the vegetable on the darker spots as well, for they signal the growth of a new plant.

What else you should know

You can plan your moves by checking the bubbles on the left. They will show you which vegetables are growing next, so you can make longer rows and earn more points. 

Boost your score by placing vegetables on the bonus golden star! However, try not to be greedy! Sometimes the spot is nowhere near any of your matches, and the extra points might not be worth it. You can also receive bonus points by leaving as many empty spaces in the garden as possible!

Since you know all the gardening tricks, can you help little Molly take care of the garden? Time to get your hands dirty and impress the girl with your skills!