A-maze-ing Pet Park

See how it is to own a puppy in the A-maze-ing Pet Park game! Guide the dog on his walk, give him some treats, and remember not to step on the flowers!

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If you love animals and want to have fun with your own dog, you must give the A-maze-ing Pet Park game a try! Puppies love to spend time outside and run around in the sun, and this time is no exception. The cute dog is at the park, and he's chasing the ultimate treat: a delicious steak. Now is your chance to lead him on his walk, so it's time to begin your adventure!

Join your furry friend on his quest for a delicious meal! He knows how to locate the target, but only you can guide him to the steak. To do this, you must keep dropping bones and make the pup follow their trail. Just remember not to step on the flowers, or your companion's dream won't come true!

How to Play

The first step of this challenge is to understand the basics. To begin the mission, you must tap on the dog and wake him up. Once he's ready to go, click anywhere on the ground to drop each bone. Keep in mind that your buddy will follow it in a straight line, so you should place the treats strategically to reach the final target!

Taking a puppy out for a walk is no easy task! This is why you must move slowly and lead the way. Your furry friend will follow every command, but make sure not to run out of bones. If you do, he won't be able to reach the big juicy steak at the end of the road.

As you progress through the levels, the missions will become more and more difficult. There will be obstacles everywhere, so do your best to think of a strategy. Avoid the rabbits and rocks at all costs, and make sure not to hit the flowers! If this happens, it'll be game over, and you will have to restart from the beginning.

Are you aiming for a high score? If so, you should try to finish each stage before time runs out. The more seconds you have left, the higher the bonus will be. You can also earn some points if you don't use all your bones, so don't waste any treats, and your score will improve!

Let's head off to the park! Lead your furry friend and do your best to guide him towards the treat. Now is your chance to have a puppy of your own!