Nicki's Roundup

Play the Nicki's Roundup game and show off your impressive cowboy skills! Throw the lasso, catch the pigs and return them to the barn before nightfall!

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About Nicki's Roundup Game

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Enjoy an action-packed adventure at the farm and show off your lasso mastery in Nicki's Roundup game! The pigs escaped from the barn after someone accidentally left the gate open. Once the night comes, they will be lost! Grab a horse, and your trusty lasso, then make sure the pigs return safely to the barn!

Your goal in this game is to help Nicki in her attempt at rounding up all the pigs that have escaped and bring them back to the barn! Can you catch as many as possible before the night falls? Avoid all the obstacles by jumping over them, then throw your lasso at the pigs to capture them and earn points!

How to play this game

You will need both your mouse and keyboard to play this game. Use the mouse to aim at the escaped pigs and click to throw your lasso. Click and hold to extend the length of your rope and catch pigs at greater distances! Remember, you can avoid the obstacles by pressing the Space bar while trying to capture the pigs!

The game is over once the daytime clock in the upper right corner of your screen runs out and night falls. Round up as many pigs as possible before nighttime! The game can also end when you run out of energy beads. Every time you hit one of the obstacles, you lose an energy bead, so try to avoid them at all costs! You only get three chances.

There are a few power-ups you can pick up while trying to catch the escaped pigs! For instance, capture the brown rabbit for extra points and a different type of lasso that will triple the score every time you grab a pig! Or, if you catch the white rabbit, you will get an energy bead if you've lost one.

So how many pigs will you be able to catch before the night falls? Help Nicki and prove you're a master of the lasso!