Naughty Stabdille

Play the Naughty Stabdille game and run through the gardens after the little rascal! Catch some speed and chase Stabdille while avoiding obstacles!

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About Naughty Stabdille Game

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Start a chase after the adorable pup through the beautiful gardens in the Naughty Stabdille game! Cecile couldn't wait to visit the impressive gardens that resembled the ones of Versaille's Palace, but her pup Stabdille ran away! Now he's running around, waiting for the young girl to chase him! Will you be able to keep up with the fluffy companion?

Your only job in this game is to chase the Stabdille, the pup, around the gardens while avoiding tripping over obstacles! Can you keep up with the dog and don't let him go away? Put on your running shoes and catch the little rascal!

How to Play

For this dog chase, you'll only need your mouse! You can move your mouse to control Cecile as she runs. The more you move your mouse toward the right side of your screen, the faster you'll move! To see how much distance is left to catch Stabdille, you can watch the bar at the top of your screen!

Avoid all the obstacles on the road, such as rocks and logs, or you will slow down! You will also lose one of your chances. You can only trip over obstacles three times before it's game over! Move from side to side constantly, and you won't run into anything!

If you want a speed boost, you'll have to catch the falling flowers and gems dropped by the birds! With each one you pick up, you'll speed up! The birds might fly low and touch Cecile's head sometimes! That will give her a shiny shield, which protects her from every hit whenever running into an obstacle!

It's time to show everyone how fast you are! Are you prepared to chase and catch your fluffy companion before he gets lost?