Penny's Courageous Ride

Play Penny's Courageous Ride game and help Felicity save Ben from the enemies! Ride Penny, jump over dangerous obstacles, and gather apples along the way!

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About Penny's Courageous Ride Game

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Join the young girl on a dangerous adventure in Penny's Courageous Ride game! One of Felicity's father's apprentices, Ben, was injured in his fight against the British forces. Felicity wants to help him, but she needs to reach him in time before the enemies catch him! The only one who can help her in this situation is her lovely horse, Penny!

Felicity can only complete this adventure with your help. Your job in this game is to aid the young girl in her search for Ben! Try your best to avoid all obstacles in the way. It wouldn't hurt to collect a few apples because they will bring you points. Can you be the hero of this story and find the injured young man before it's too late?

How to Play

You need both your mouse and keyboard to play this game. Reach Ben by avoiding the obstacles. You can do that by moving up and down with your cursor. If you want to increase or decrease the speed, drag your mouse left or right. To jump over the logs in your way, press the spacebar and watch Penny make incredible leaps.

Be careful when jumping over the logs! If you do not manage to make the jump because of your speed or maybe jumping too late, you will lose a horse. The five horses at the top of your screen represent your chances. Hit a log more than five times, and it's game over!

You can collect apples and carrots for extra points! The green, yellow and red apples can be found all over the ground and offer up to two hundred points. However, the carrots are worth the most, so try your best to grab them! You can also gain bonus points by successfully jumping over the logs!

Are you ready to save Ben and show off your riding skills in this adventure? You can be the hero of this story!