Josefina's Santa Fe Market Adventure

Play Josefina's Santa Fe Market Adventure game and test your trading skills! Buy and sell items at the market to complete Papa's shopping list daily!

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About Josefina's Santa Fe Market Adventure Game

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Enjoy a day with the Montoya family at the New Mexico market in the Josefina's Santa Fe Market Adventure game! Santa Fe has one of the largest plazas, and Josefina's family often goes there to buy and sell things. There are a lot of new products to discover at the market, and you can even learn new words in Spanish!

Your job in this game is to help Josefina buy and sell objects in English and Spanish at the market. Her Papa gives her a list to complete every day before sundown. Talk to all sorts of merchants and learn new ways to express yourself as you play with money! Can you get all the items for Papa?

How to Play

You only need your mouse to play this game. Your mission is to walk around the market and interact with merchants to get the items on Josefina's father's list. To do that, click to move the girl toward the sellers or buyers. If you obtain the correct objects before sundown, the level is complete.

The girl can only hold five objects in her bag. She can sell these items to make more money and purchase everything on the shopping list. You can also sell the things Papa has in his cart for extra cash.

The buyers will ask for items in English, while the sellers will announce their wares in Spanish. To check what an object is called in Spanish, hover over it with your cursor when you receive the list. That way, you'll know where to buy it.

What else you should know

Every time you complete a level, you have to play a minigame. This minigame will test your knowledge of the new Spanish words you've learned that day. How many do you remember?

Every level is a new day. A new day means you'll get a new list from Papa. You must complete five days to win the game! You'll be a master of the Spanish language by the end of the week!

Now that you have a list and know how to spend and earn money, you can start shopping! Vamos! Josefina's father is waiting!